Sunpak Digital Camera Tripod

Does the 6060XL have a detachable mounting plate?

I own the black Travelite one. I paid for 19.99 at the beginning of February.

I use it with my Canon XSi. It’s good for light duty use. I’m not sure if it could handle the weight of heavier lenses than the basic ones I own. It says right in the spec that 3.3 lbs is all it is rated for, so that’s not a surprise.

Would say it definitely worth 14.99 for light use. For heavy-duty/frequent use, I’d spend a few more bucks for something nicer.

Thanks! I was thinking of getting it for that exact camera and I think I will pass now though.

It does not have a detachable plate… which is rather unfortunate…

Nope, the head is all one single piece. but it does pan which will make it easier to rotate the head to attach your camera.

Also, while it might be rated as a medium load tripod, I’d use caution in using a $10 plastic tripod to support my $2300 dslr and lens. I often say, There’s nothing like trusting you $2000+ camera to a $10 piece of plastic.

yes it has a detachable mounting plate. look at the pictures and also at the Specifications section and it’s all there.

Here’s the link for the TravelLite at B&H Photo

The TravelLite does have a detachable plate, but the PicturePlus does not…

I just looked at the pictures and read the specs and the mounting plate isn’t detachable for the 6060XL. The Travelite is detachable though. Woot Info Post - keepin’ it real!

Sunpak Digital Camera Tripod [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

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I’ve always wanted a Tripod… this a good one to start with? Black or white? THanks!

I’ve had a Travelite for a few years; I bought it for $12 on clearance at Superlative-of-Good Buy. It’s pretty flimsy, short, and kinda heavy for its size. However, it folds up very small and is extremely adustible- the legs spread independently and can be set to open almost 90 degrees outward. I usually carry this tripod because it’s small and versatile.

Also, the head on the Travelite can be unscrewed for use on the carbon fiber monopod that was offered two or three weeks ago. You can even switch out the long twist knob for a smaller one elsewhere on the tripod. I’m actually considering buying a second one just for the head.

Even with the kit lens, the XSi weighs UNDER 2 pounds. On my T1i with 70-300mm IS, it’s just over 3 pounds. I’d say this tripod is perfect to bring along, rated under 15" folded.

Any chance it will work with the camera on main woot?

A little word to the wise: I got one of the Sunpack “super-heavy-duty” tripods in a woot-off a few times back. It broke on the way out of the box. Thus, I avoid Sunpack at all costs. I suggest you do the same.

Yes. Every camera worth its battery has the place where you can screw on the tripod.

At this price point, a quick release plate is often more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s just another place for the tripod to flex - and you will get flex. Even my $220 Manfrotto 410 geared head flexes somewhat - but having fine tuning knobs helps remedy that. To get a truly good head, you need to get something Arca-Swiss compatible, like a Kirk or RRS. I suspect that anyone who even knows what those brands are won’t be even thinking about something like these tripods.

Long before I was in to photography (I wanted it for binocular astronomy) or knew anything about quality equipment, I tried a cheapo Sunpak with a quick release plate and it was always wobbly. I promptly returned it because it was so bad. It had far too much play, not to mention the flex in the rest of the tripod. Like I’ve said more than a few times before, if you are serious at all about photography, this won’t be much more than a source of frustration and a waste of money. You $15 may be better spent saving up for a quality kit.

It’s all a matter of relativity with tripods. A lightweight, inadequate tripod that you bring with you is infinitely better than the heavy tripod you left in your car. On the other hand, when you bring a precisely manufactured (and usually heavy) tripod and head, it will be much easier to use and easier to get quality results.

But I wouldn’t trust either of these with anything more than the smallest SLRs and plastic kit lenses. Weight ratings don’t tell the whole story - longer lenses not only weigh more, but they have a much bigger moment (i.e. more torque) on the head than a similar weight just above the head. To the head, it feels like more weight than it actually is.

But there is one use I can think of for these for serious photographers - as a light stand, used with homemade softboxes, snoots, etc.

I don’t know how much you’d save over going with a dedicated light stand/umbrella kit, but with a little ingenuity you should be able to get a functional studio lighting setup on the cheap. Search “DIY softbox” and you’ll see quite a few good designs for your own softbox - at a fraction of the price of a commercial one.

I wouldn’t write off all SunPak tripods due to your unfortunate experience. I have a SunPak (the 800IUT model) and love it. I use it with a Canon XT and a variety of lenses, and it does very well… stays solid with no slipping. Mine is rated at being able to hold 6lbs 9ozs, though, which is more than the ones for sale via Woot.

It does not ship to Hawaii? what gives!!!