Sunpak Flex Pod Pro Plus – Black

got one


pretty nice tripod. I’m debating if I should replace mine, and I think the answer is yes

Will it fit in a Bowl of Cereal?

I want a roomba.

You want 1 Sunpak 620-proplusbhgm Flex Pod Pro Plus – Black, 3-Way Panhead, Quick-Release Plate(s).

Typo in the YOU WANT part of the buy page. hehe

This should be 1 cent!

I call it a “rumba”.

No it’s not. It’s called a roomba and I want more of them.

Tried to get this and wound up paying for the projector.
How do I contact Woot for this particular minor problem?

I’m sure you can get more. Maybe if you start calling them “rumbas” too…

Post test