Sunpak FlexPod Pro Plus Panhead Tripod

These were on Woot before for $12.99. Better buy 3.

gee. only a dollar more than the one i got with free shipping.
bring on the Brigade O’ Crimson so i can go to sleep.

Ugh, more flashlights – specifically Smith & Wesson flashlights – have replaced horrible Excalibur games as the Woot throwaways du jour.

Do these work well with Canon t1is?

Looked a little cooler jumping outta John Hurt’s stomach!

Still, in fer 3!

Now…whatcha got in a tactical flashlight, Woot?

This should fit any camera with a tripod mount on the bottom.

In for 3… $13.97 shipped…


I am a full grown adult male, currently sitting at my desk in a suit and tie, laughing uproariously at the name “Buttsworth Fartypants III.”

I need some damn sleep.

Cool! I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t find anything I liked (and could afford), but I’m in for 3. One for me, and two to sell to the first two people who say “Wow, that’s pretty cool! Where can I get one?”
Okay, bring on the carp. I really need some sleep sometime tonight. Last night and ALL day was a waste…

I would never put s DSLR worth way more than this on one of these. Tha tis unless you want your <$10 “tripod” to end up costing hundreds of $$$…

seems like a pretty good deal

total trash, i bought 2 on here a while ago and they both snapped on first use.

How heavy was the camera you put on them – was it a light point & shoot or a DSLR (with a heavy lens, or…)