Sunpak FlexPod Pro Plus Panhead Tripod

This has got to be the worst woot off ever!


I always wanted to get here and say FIRST!11111111111111!!!

but screw that…I cant go that low.

Anyone else feel like this woot-off is just like looking through the pages of the thinkgeek catalog?

knives flashlights airsoft guns, no whammies no whammies

This might work well in the bedroom

ok… i was actually second

this is nice but i wanted the BIG tripod

worth it for the heads alone, I’d say. Even if they’re small!

Not the tripod I wanted. Bring on the telescoping grey tripods! (better be more specific)

Your an IDIOT (I always wanted to reply to my post and call myself names as well). One more eff up and I will have a trifecta

Too bad these aren’t Joby with the magnetic feet, those are cool.

If anything, it looks cool!

…wait. ThinkGeek has a CATALOG???
Where have I BEEN???

Wondering if this would support my Nikon D40. Not sure if it comes in under that 2.3 lbs with a decent lens on it.

Sweet! That was the only space I had left in my “Woot-off commments BINGO” game!

I win!

probably doesn’t help that I just flipped through it 2 days ago.

is it compatible with cellphones?

I’ve owned a Sunpak And a Gorillapod.
They might look alike, but is cheap and one ain’t.