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Sunpak iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sunpak IPC2800 iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone

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To everybody who’s gonna ask “will this work with _____?” anyway:


“Supports iPhone 3G and 3GS ONLY”

kbye :slight_smile:

I’m planning on picking up an iphone soon, and I think this item is almost a necessary accessory!

Anybody spotted a review on this? Haven’t been able to find one on CNet or Amazon, and really, that’s the only thing holding me back here.

Seams that if you manage to find one for sale somewhere its going to run you about $50 to $99 (MSRP).

So $35 does not seam to bad

I went through 4 Google pages, and didn’t find a review. Lots of references to “hot deals” for $50 though, so Woot has the right price.

does it sew too bad either?

sry, couldnt resist :wink:

I guess I have to take my phone out of it’s existing, cute case to use this. Seems like too much of a hassle to me…

I’ve heard the name Sunpak - makers of camera accessories. A quick trip to the manufacturer’s website revealed no chargers - different company, or they don’t want them on their site?


The plot thickens…

This almost doubles the weight of your iPhone.

iPhone 3GS = 4.8 oz.
this case = 4.4 oz.

I got a broken(?) one in my recent Bag of Cr@p and my only complaint is that it uses some odd non-standard screws so I haven’t been able to repair it :frowning:

I feel like SunPac is a little deceiving. I was kinda expecting a solar powered battery charger.

Is it wooooooooorth it??? I guess no one knows?? Basically I guess we just need to know if the thing works or not. Comfortable grip perhaps?

Would be great for trips where battery life could be an issue but i cant see using it everyday.

anyone know if you can sync with itunes while the phone is in this? or do i have to remove the battery to sync?

bought similar item for original iphone from handhelditems for $26 last week.
They currently have 2200Mah battery/case for 3g 3gs for $37

The dimensions appear to suggest that this thing is almost 1" thick. If you needed a smaller one, the Xpal one that they have previously offered would be better. But this one holds a bit more than twice as much power. Some signal loss might be part of the deal too. Especially on this one. It looks like it covers pretty much the entire back of the phone.

By looking at the pictures, you can see that the bottom of the unit doesn’t have the connector to sync with, so I would have to say that you’d have to remove the phone to sync.

Wow, that’s exactly what I thought. That’s why I came to the discussion to find out. Turns out it’s a “No”. Pass.