Sunpak iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone

No iPhone…iAnything here.

buy it up, iphone wooters.
we need more android products in here!

Kinda cool


IPHONE ONLY BEWARE!!! no ipod… Tear…

check out Monoprice first.

No flashing Woot-Off lights. I guess the trademark got hit by a Callaway.

Boo. Wish it worked for the iPhone 2G.

Now… woot me an iphone! (for the price of that flashlight)

I guess these went 50% off in December 09. Was sold at for $49.98 then. This seems to be a deal. I have no idea how well they may or may not work…

Havet it, works well, but got it cheaper through dealnews



Will this work with my iPhone?

I like how they say it won’t work with a iphone 2g but it’s a iphone 2g in the picture.

Not good ratings on amazon
Seems they stop working. :frowning: Wanted it to be good.

Got a lot of bad reviews over at Amazon.

Looks to be a discontinued product so beware.

not that good of a price.