Sunpak iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone Woot Info Post rocks!

Sunpak iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sunpak IPC2800 iCharge Case & Battery for iPhone

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Okay People its not the Actually Iphone…so dont rush…and READ!!! LMAO

G’nite people, you too, spudchunks.

I bought one of these at a local electronics shop and it’s pretty shoddy. I think I tossed in a gas station trash can a few weeks after I bought it.

Good luck!

I would be interested in this if it was compatible with the iPod Touch, but it doesn’t appear to be so.


I saw these for 10 bucks before…

Yes again, I threadcrap…

Deal with it

Sweet. Wish I had the iphone and I’d get this.

good luck tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Silly iPhone. My Droid lasts 2 days with plenty of calls

this would mean I could play bejeweled even longer… but alas, I am old school and still have the original iphone.


Bring out the I touches so i can buy one.

hmmm, no iphone here, all we have here is android

SO basically if I were to wait without eating or drinking with my Iphone on ‘standby’ I’d be DEAD before the power ran out?

is it blackberry compatible?

Very nice. I’ll use this to turn my old iPhone into a dedicated GPS after the new model comes out.

Yes. Didn’t you read the description?

But the description says that it is only compatible with the iPhone.