Sunpak Magic Sound Box Portable Speaker

Black one only $2.99 here:

I’m confused, how can it be wireless AND have a mini-USB interface cable?

How come this one is 2.99?

white vs black? Sounds like an argument coming!

I believe the cord is just for charging and the speaker works with some kind of speaker inductance magic.

So this is what happens when you have multiple people setting up events. We’ve dropped the price on this to match the one in the Plus event.

If you already bought it at $4.99, never fear. You’ll get that $2 back soonish.

This is pretty serious. I think everybody needs to be fired. Thanks Obama.

I bought three of these July 26th, and they really do work. I paid $4.99 each for them can I get a refund of $6.00 also?

I purchased one of these the last time they were on woot. The sound quality is very poor and grainy. I would not recommend buying this product.

I just bought 3 Black ones. Can I get white instead?

Calm down, Satan. :slight_smile:

I got two of these. I don’t know why…
I kinda almost work.
Well… Maybe I’ll give or donate them…
Oh well…