Sunpak Magic Sound Box

Looks like your link to the official site in the production description isn’t working.

Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now.

FWIW, I had one of these on my desk last week, and it really is quite impressive for the price. No pairing, docks, or cables necessary. Just lay your phone down and it plays.


Does this work by picking up the magnetic fields put off by the speaker on the smart phone when it makes sound?

Really curious…

Im curious too. I am going to guess it is nothing more than a “speaker box” aka it is about the acoustics. The speaker vibrates when it moves, when the box picks up the vibrations it magnifies them, much like a natural amphitheater does.

Course, I am just guessing too. How does it work?

Will this work with my iPhone in it’s “hard-to-remove” protective case? The videos use “naked” iPhones for the demo.

And about video #2 - c’mon, A guy gets blasted from slumber by not one but two people in the well lit room and immediatly jumps up running strait for the designated boobie-trapped door completly ignoring the two pranksters. Oh Yeah! I’m sold.

Here’s the tech specs pdf link

It works by induction. The coil in the phone’s speaker in addition to making the speaker cone vibrate, creating sound, also radiates a small audio-frequency electromagnetic signal into the air. A coil in the “Magic Sound Box” picks up this signal, amplifies it, and plays it out through its own larger speaker.

Perhaps you are old enough to remember a device called a “telephone pickup coil” which, when placed on the handset of a telephone, allowed one to record the conversation. Or maybe a “telephone coil” in a hearing aid. They work on the same principle.

Anyway, so it isn’t really magic, but it works surprisingly well.

I’m intrigued. Does anyone know how long the batteries usually last?

It’s funny how the “magician” in the demo video says his iPhone was on full volume and playing music, but when the camera focuses on his phone, the music is paused and the volume isn’t up all the way.

When this was first demonstrated to me, it was with an iPhone in an average case like we’ve sold many times. Sounded great.

Aha, so I was right!

Completely sold out. Who woulda thunk it?