Sunpak Magic Sound Box

I’m assuming the “Magic” is a microphone behind the hole in the label. I don’t know about night time visibility (Really, Woot? Really?) or amplifying a phone, but I’ll bet these make good beatboxes. Even if it’s junk, I’m sure I have a relative to pawn it off on and pretend it’s a thoughtful present.

Will this work with an iPhone 5 encased in an Otter a Cover?

it’s not a microphone. there is no hole in the label, the circle is actually a blue LED.

works well with my S3, but some phones with speakers in odd positions or elongated speakers don’t amplify the sound quite as well.

was well worth the money for me to have a simple device to use to play music from my phone while sitting out by the fire in the summer.

a friend of mine tried his iphone (no idea what version it was) last night and, since the speaker was actually located at the bottom edge of the phone and was a somewhat longer speaker, the sound didn’t get too loud and he had to hold it in place as it couldn’t lay flat.

Here’s a review from August: