Sunpak Platinum Plus 61” Deluxe Tripod

When does woot-off end?

In for 2!

In for 1

did my part… in for two!

Already own one, in for no. 2!

Won’t even support the lens for my DSLR…I’ll pass.

That depends, they can be one day, two days or even three day woot-off’s. Ya never know how long it’ll last.

In for 1!

oh alright thanks for letting me know

Is there a bag of crap at the end?

Wait, my post got edited. I said a bag of something… LOL

Yep, the bags of … will get edited to different words. Kinda funny.

Usually there is one in the woot-off (I’ve never gotten one), but not necessarily at the end.


Usually on the last day between 3-5pm CST +/- an hour although you never know. You also cannot rely on it being on the main site. Links to it may be hidden in an item description or announced only via twitter using @woot, @wootoff and/or @woothappyhour. On April 1st in the past they’ve put it behind a puzzle. You never really know.