Sunpak Platinum Plus 7500 Pro Tripod with 3 Way Panhead

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Sunpak Platinum Plus 7500 Pro Tripod with 3 Way Panhead
$22.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sunpak Platinum Plus 7500 75" Pro Tripod w/ 3 Way Ultra-smooth Photo/Video Panhead 620-750BB

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crash…not on main page

Oh my???


Why do I buy stuff from woot on the first go 'round??? It just comes back in a wootoff 20% cheaper! :stuck_out_tongue:

These are decent tripods if you don’t mind putting them back together after all the parts fall off in shipping.

Great for the price! I picked this up a month ago and am EXTREMELY happy for the price.

Why are the lights not flashing?

These sold out pretty quickly last time.

These sold out pretty quickly last time.

Why are the lights not flashing?

$29.99 plus free shipping at

I’ve owned several Sunpak tripods. These are fine - very lightweight but you do have to be careful with them. The threads that hold up the head strip off easy (plastic threads) and it can’t bear too much weight. Good for a small video camera or a very basic DSLR. Don’t be putting a 300mm lens and 1DIII camera on there, of course. :slight_smile:

I want the 5 dollar tripods back woot!

does this include some of whatever the description author has been taking?

This looks like a great deal.

I remember seeing this with a big a s s remote for some kind of stand…it was a pic someone had… somewhere…

I already have a tripod… looks down smiles :slight_smile:

I bought one on 9/29/09 when they had it on SellOff. I would like to tell you how great it is but I am still waiting for it to be shipped.

This is only slightly cheaper than


This seems to get decent reviews though. I’m tempted as my old one got ‘lost’ somehow…

If I could mount it to my roomba, hook up the espresso machine to the top, and add the webcam with the lights…well, then, maybe it would be of some use. I’d like coffee in bed while peering out into the yard to watch the neighbors scraping ice off their cars.