Sunpak Pro 423PX Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Sunpak Pro 423PX Carbon Fiber Tripod
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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And the woot killer is finally here!!! YAY

Awe crap!

How is the stability on these? Nothing holding the legs together except at the top.

insert clever human tripod joke here

Come on already, I wanna see some debranded refurb computers…

It’s like a baby’s arm, holding an apple.

Grrr I want one, but that’s more than I have in the bank as Woot always feels the need to do woot off’s 2 days before payday.

I don’t currently have any carbon fiber. Should I still get a tripod in case I -do- get some carbon fiber someday and need a tripod for it? I don’t think so.

ooo, carbon fibre! Now I have a tripod I can take with me in my bugatti veyron.

Eighty bucks seems a little high for a simple tripo-- What? OH! ‘Carbon Fiber’ you say? Well that makes all the difference… If I was going to use it for something other than what a simple tripod is designed for (combat, billiards, jousting)! In for 3!

I’ve been looking at cf tripods for my dslr. any one know if i can swap out the head for a ball head?

Amazon Link

Normally 124.95 on amazon

Lost: 1 3-legged camera holder, answers to the name of tripod.

Holds over 15 pounds! This will make a sweet rifle rest on this winter’s hunting trip.

I resemble that remark.

Says it holds 15lbs, which probably wouldn’t be a good option if you’re shooting with a larger-end lens.

Amazon reviewer seems to have had that problem:

But considering it is normally $125, not a bad deal so long as you’ve got smaller camera equipment.

I am not familiar with this particular tripod but if designed correctly, you need only the top for stability. The lower brace is not needed. Look at many of the Manfrottos etc with on the top connecting the legs. They are very stable.

I know!