Sunpak Pro 423PX Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Sunpak Pro 423PX Carbon Fiber Tripod
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Whew thats an expensive tripod.

I wonder how hard this is to damage.

[Insert Random and Not Funny War of the Worlds Reference]

Must have a state-of-the-art super tiny camera attached at the top. I’m in for three!

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and weighs much less! Think about that next time you are packing for a space shuttle mission.

hmm… going to be here awhile

It is carbon fibre. Probably very light and strong.

Also, being carbon fibre if you attach four wheels and an engine to it- you could probably enter it into next years indy 500.

Seems like a good deal if you’re looking for a tripod. I’ve seen good reviews around for this tripod, and can’t find it anywhere else for less than $120ish. So, it looks like a pretty good deal for this tripod!

$149 at B&H:

$130 at Amazon, and with very good reviews: four stars.

Backed over one of these before…Only thing that showed it was the dirt on the handle!

I’m not sure I ever used a tri-pod before.

I keep hearing that carbon fiber is the shizz for tripods - light, strong, dampens vibrations.

Usually see these for a lot more.

Hold onto that hex key you need it to tighten the legs when they loosen up!

I want a four legged tripod. Any fewer than 4 legs and the tripod is not worth $79 to me.

Not if you compare it to some of the other pro carbon tripods… you’d be looking at speding $300 on a good one usually.

Why would you back over a tripod?

Writing “tripod” three times won’t make it appear. You need to click the big button.