Sunpak VersiPod 2 Digital Monopod with MagMount Release

what?? no tri-pod??

a digtal stick!

Digital Monopod ?? I wanted an analog one.

Took me a min to figure out just w.t.f. that was!

Explain what this is for my DSLR camera please?

it’s got flip-out legs, I guess. How is it digital?

Why would you want a tripod when there’s this awesome monopod?

It has flip out tripod legs…

Just buy 3! and use some tape.

Good thing it’s not an analog monopod.

Buy 3.

Buy three and use duct tape.

What effect does the magnet have on the camera?

isnt this the same thing as those rods u use to grab the tools you dropped into your engine or behind the workbench?

Darn it…and thats why you always stay logged in.

NO WAY! That sweet monopod sold out?

Poo! As soon as I saw images on google it was sold out. I would have ordered 2, one for me one for a gift. Darn it!

B&H Photo Video has a photo of the tripod legs extended.

What compels me to keep clicking on this woot-off? I need help. (Jesus, I’m sorry for my sins). One more item and that’s it! (Unless it’s good; I think)