Sunsei 18-Watt Solar Charger Panel

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Sunsei 18-Watt Solar Charger Panel
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sunsei SE-1200 18-Watt Solar Charger

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Gonna be a long night. *Grabs coffee

18W? Underwhelming.

How many of these would my parents need to chain together to use as adequate backup power on their RV (I think it’s an Endeavour/Holiday Rambler, one of the bigger ones with a slideout)?

Do they even need solar backup power on their RV as long as they have propane and/or are on the road?

They usually try to find campgrounds with 50 amps but can power one of the ACs on 30 amp power, if that matters.

/admittedly clueless with electricity

not bad, if i wasn’t broke i’d buy for camping trips.

A few stock answers to stock questions:

  • It won’t replace a backup generator. Three won’t, either. You’d need about 50 of them to do that.

  • It won’t power more than the lights (that’s two lights) of your vacation cabin. If you switch to 12 volt lighting and get three of these, you might power lights, a radio, and a tiny thermistor-powered cooler.

  • It will maintain the battery on your boat, tractor or even car, if properly installed and exposed to enough sun.

  • You can’t use it to electrocute your enemies, unless they are insects who happen to be standing in water.

The Lights!?

How about $35?

Only 2 available?

Just one more!

But can I use it to keep my LeakFrog charged? Hmmm…

Daisy chain up to 8 solar panels; enough to power a small cabin

And only two? lol. Sorry I’m amused by this.

They’d have to have a battery/inverter setup already installed. If they do, three of these would do some good, but probably not enough. Make that definitely not enough if they are used to 30 amps AC…

someone bought 1.

I like how it says it works in direct sunlight, even on cloudy days…

Someone buy it!!

Looks like you can pick this up WITH the charger for $99.99 +$5 s/h here:

There’s a Karate Kid joke in here somewhere, I’m just too tired to formulate…

seems pretty cool. can i hook up a tv and watch it when everyone else sits around with their power out?