Sunsei 18 Watt Solar Charger with Controller

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Sunsei 18 Watt Solar Charger with Controller
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sunsei SE-1200 18 Watt Solar Charger
  • 1 Sunsei CC10000 10 Amp Charge Controller

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New Sunsei 18 Watt Solar Charger with Controller, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x Sunsei SE-1200 18 Watt Solar Charger
] 1x Sunsei CC10000 10 Amp Charge Controller
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wow what can i use this for? hmmmm… my ATV?

Is this like that ‘trickle charger’ that was sold a few months ago?

Then what? Found a 3 star review on Amazon.

Tell me how I can use these to heat my swimming pool!

Ok, so thats one cell phone charge a day? Gee might be cheaper to just plug it into the wall outlet.

$5+ a watt? Meh…call me when you get below $3

I have one of these on my garage and it keeps the batteries on my car(s) and lawn tractor charged.

Only 75 hours to charge 4 D batteries. Great

If you have a deep need to maintain a 12 volt, deep cycle battery, fine. But this thing absolutely should not be used to power anything directly. Sorry, but unless your BlendTec Blender also comes with a 12 volt adapter, the answer to “Will it blend?” would probably be more like “Will it fry?”, to which the answer would be “Probably!”

Why would you need a 10 amp charge controller when the panel only puts out a maximum of less than 2 amps. This woot is wootless.

I think 18 watts is much more than trickle chargers are rated for. Consider this product, which is similar to the one woot offered:

It’s only rated at 1.8 W.

Does anyone know, can I use this to plug my laptop into to charge it? Does it have a regular outlet on it that you can plug in a 2 or 3 prong power cord? Or is this just to charge batteries?


Why do I like solar powered things so much?

How long will this take to charge my Roomba?

The review at amazon is only a single review, and if you check the official website it’s down:

I love solar charger… and controller… anyone want to lend me some money that I will never pay back so I can charge my watch battery for free.

How about instead of a smart-aleck story you actually tell us what this thing is and what it can do.