Sunsei 18-Watt Solar Panel and Controller

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three stars over at Amazon:

Another review:

Seems best used as a trickle charger

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Cheaper this time!

just a quick question, this is meant for things like boat and car batteries, not cell phone and laptops, correct??

Ha, yea; boat and car

Only if you have a 12 volt cell phone :slight_smile:

Will this run my Pac-Mac machine outdoors? Do you know how hard it is to find an outlet at the beach?!

18 watts for $85 = $4.72 / watt.

Not the best deal in solar panels.

just needed to make sure, its a little late for me lol

yea, I hear you on that one. Im about to be off to bed here real soon.

Also you’d need 4-5 of these to charge your laptop and 2 to charge most netbooks. Atleast the netbooks take 12V, most laptops are ~19V so you’ll need either a DC/DC converter or an inverter for your power brick.

Where’s a better deal then? Does it include the charge controller too? Please post a link.

what’s the practical application of these?
is it just something you would break out occasionally to charge a car battery? or would you mount them somewhere for permanent use? i see you can daisy chain several together. if you wanted this to be permanently mounted what would be the best way to take advantage of the electricity it produces and what else would you need to do so?

This would be perfect for someone with a tent that had a built-in power system, like this one:!ergy_1310_Tent

Well, it says

1 Sunsei SE-1200 18-Watt Solar Charger 
1 Sunsei CC25000 25-Amp Charge Controller

I’m pretty sure he was asking if the “better deal” mentioned with no link came with the controller too.

I put one on top of my van and connected it to a deep-charge battery and inverter. It works beautifully for powering my laptop, LED lights, 12v fans, etc. Once when I couldn’t start my van, I hooked the system up to a battery charger, then charged the van’s battery to the point when I could start the van and go home. (I’m not sure I’d use the deep-charge battery to jump-start my van, though.)

I imagine that this would charge that batter however, your car is a 13.8V system that runs ideally at 12V and use a mobile charger to charge it. SO technically I suppose you COULD create something to charge a mobile phone or device. However its very very low Amperage.

Moreover, would you really want to lump around an 18" solar panel with you to charge a mobile phone?

I have looked into a portable battery inversion setup. 4 x 12V Deep cycle batteries, a few solar chargeing panels plus regulators, and an efficient invertor for camping and remote electronics on limited use. A few of these would work for that.

This is intended more specifically for devices that are stored remotly with very limite duse, such as an ATV, Tractor, or watercraft that is often left unattended for weeks at a time. I suppose one could also use this for servo electric powered gates on ranches and other type applications (12V is 12V is 12V). However one reviewer stated that the unit is very fragile, so…

my two cents.