I am so happy this won, you are one of my favorite artist.

Nice this was my favorite shirt in the derby. It has nice 50’s sci-fi feel.

This was certainly one of the more artistic derby entries this week. I’m really happy to see it place first.

It looks like a combination of colored-pencil art with a classic spot-printed poster. Very well done.

Hell yes! I’m so glad this printed! I continuously came back to this piece because of the layout as well as the artwork. You do amazing things, Robbie Lee! Congrats!

In for one! I love it

Not a bunny shirt tonight = I’m $10 poorer. :slight_smile:

Despite its fearsome appearance, this giant robot is not evil; it brings color wherever it goes!

Reminds me a bit of a Flaming Lips album, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”.

This is like a painting from medievel Japan meets the future.

I particularly love the blue the accents and draws your eyes to the the big bot.

Only draw back?

I didn’t get first sucker status. (Personally it wouldn’t be a sucker mark, but more like a badge of honor.)

Congrats on the print Robbie. I love it when your robots get their due.

congrats robbie!!! bought!

I was thinking the same thing. I love that album.

I’m happy and surprised this printed, with nary a bunny, kitty cat, or dancing banana in sight. Not too juiced about a creme shirt, but it adds to the awesome retro effect of the design.

Thanks for the votes and all the kind words, everyone! Also, a shout out- my best friend has wanted a shirt with “chemtrails” on it for a while, so this one’s for Eric9.

BTW, It’s tough to see in the posted design, but the text says “INC.” It’s the same on the car, the planes, and the robot.

Good call, it does feel like a Flaming Lips kind of robot. Just as long as it doesn’t learn to feel…

What a happy surprise to see this in first!

Cool- I was playing the title track today for one of my classes.

Danger . . . danger . .

Not the kind of cyberpunk I was hoping to see from the derby, but this is still a damn cool design and I can’t pass up such a good Rglee!

My first creme shirt!

Here’s hoping for some cyberpunk chicks to print in the next couple days…

i like the design but the write up says it all.