Sunshine on my Craps (lksdf09sd)

Sunshine on my Craps (lksdf09sd)
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Condition: Disappointingly Crappy


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YESSSSS Finally got one. Now I can be productive today!

Got one!

Got one this time!

I have been watching all day and my wife calls me the second this one comes on…unbelievable

I got one!!! please send something good!



Missed it :frowning:

Yahoo! Got this one!

Dang it!! Late again!!!

Third time’s a charm!! First two rounds were nothing but server errors. This one was in no problem and I even had to sign in. :slight_smile:

I managed to snag mine on the phone via twitter notification. I even had to log in for it to go through and the desktop put me in the VOP.

10+ years on this site. The crap is a lie.

Edit: No, I will not wait until I “win” one to gripe, that day man never occur. I will commence griping today, by crackey!

…and sold out. Dammit.

holy crap that was fast!

Dang it… Woot works fine all day for me, and then I try to buy it and now I have to login again? Get logged in and it’s gone. Why do I even try?