SunUmbrellas and Bases - Your Choice

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SunUmbrellas and Bases - Your Choice
Price: $35.99 - 55.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Aug 20 to Tuesday, Aug 25) + transit
Condition: New


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6/19/2015 - $37.99 - 57.99

Previous Discussion

Today’s look to be slightly different than ones from July 1st, at least in terms of vendor

I got the 9’ aluminum poll umbrella for $37.35 out the door. These are a couple bucks more. I’m almost tempted to pick up another for when my current one falls apart.
The fabric is pretty lightweight and the support ribs seem pretty frail. I don’t expect that it would hold up too well after a thunderstorm or two. But for that reason, I collapse the umbrella if the weather is going to get questionable.

For <$50 delivered, I haven’t found anything comparable online or in the ol’ brick & mortars. IMHO, these are a solid deal.

Purchased three of a very similar/identical aluminum pole model last year and still have one as a spare, with two in use for two Texas summers now. Fabric is holding up better than expected.

One quality control complaint/warning. The construction tends tends to leave a slight lateral misalignment at the tilt fixture which often causes the slider to hang-up when you crank the umbrella closed. If this happens, and rather than hanging up for a turn or two and then starting again the slider remains stopped, check the fixture and see if it is a slight misalignment or one of the Allen head screws that secures the fixture to the pole backing out (which happened on one of mine). After this occurred (and I couldn’t lower the umbrella until I tightened the loosening screw) I used a thread locker on these screws and haven’t had that problem reoccur.

Bought one of these, I didn’t expect much but somehow I was still disappointed. I initially thought that they had forgot to send the rest of it based on how light the box contents were but then realized it was all there on closer inspection. Mine flew out of the holder within a few hours of being put up and the fabric ripped. These are VERY cheaply made. If you are OK with them looking cheap and replacing them often, then it might be good for you, because it is a reasonable price. You just have to average out the pros/cons of something like this vs a more expensive one that looks better and lasts longer (i.e. use the same one year after year or keep a stock of these and simply throw away and replace as needed)