Sunvolt Solar Waterproof Charger

Sunvolt Solar Waterproof Charger

Does it charge up an internal battery that can then be used to charge a device at night? Or is it a solar panel that is used to charge devices when the sun is shining?

"* Ultra compact 4000mAH battery to quickly power almost any device "

Looks like it has a built in battery that charges, that then provides power to the external devices.

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Can this charger provide power to a device while charging via the solar panel simultaneously?

probably, but the one spec missing is how it takes to charge the battery from solar. it’s usually in 100-200mA range, which would be days of perfect sun. 1 day might get you a 10% charge on your phone.

bottom line: the panel is a gimmick. If you actually want useful solar charging you’d need at least a 10W panel, which would about 6 times the size of this thing.


I wouldn’t say gimmick if you use the panel to keep it topped off
If you actually charge your phone you will want to plug this in to recharge it

I’ve got a 10Ah battery that has a LCD that shows the battery level in 1% increments, I’ve let it sit for 6 months and it still showed 100%. there is no “top off” for regular use, and doing so will actually shorten the lithum cell life.

it’s a gimmick.