Supa Sukka Glida Toy Crossbow Set



“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid”

Isn’t this supposed to be on


What the heck is this?



Guys, wrong site… this was suppose to be!

is this kidswoot? time for bed - gnight all!

I don’t know which is worse - that this is a TOY crossbow, or that this is taking up our time instead of being on the kids.woot woot-off. :frowning:

Kids woot off not moving fast enough. gotta put some on woot.

Will it work for Ninjas?

Shouldn’t this be on kids woot…my husband and the nephews would shoot each others eyes out!!

Brings back Christmas Story memories…

You’ll shoot your eye out!!!

Supa Sukka = Super Sucker?

You posted this one on the wrong site!!!

I go to college. In for two. Nuff said.

kids.woot is already having it’s own woot-off. Adult products, please.

This seems like it could have been on kids.woot instead.

this suck-tion cups