Super-Deformed Star Wars

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Good to know, these fellers are cute!

Empire Strikes Back, hands down.

Woot ya got me. My wife saw these and I ended up ordering w/o checking amazon. Oh well I guess this makes up for the big savings I usually get.

REALLY? Is it because it’s darker than New Hope?

While I love all of them, I’ve always been partial to Return of the Jedi, mainly because it’s the only one I can clearly recall seeing in the theater. And have clear memories of all the excitement and anticipation surrounding waiting for it to come out in the theater, and all the elementary kids going to the theater on the first Saturday afternoon it was opening, etc.

But overall Empire is probably the best movie.

I dunno, I like RotJ the most. I understand why everyone likes Empire the most though, it’s much darker and has so many compelling moments.

What was your favorite of the prequels? I honestly didn’t like I or II, but I didn’t think Episode III was all that bad. (No, I’m not trying to troll, I’m really curious what folks thought of Episode III and the others).

There were some bits of RotS that were ok, like the montage of stormtroopers turning on their Jedi, but oh man the birth scene and Anakin’s dismemberment were two things that were just like “really? really? ugh, this is stupid.” And the whole Jedi ghost communication thing at the end? Doubleyew tee eff.

I mean, really, Ewan McGregor tried hard to redeem it, but he’s only one man.

i didnt care for episodes I, II, or III because I thought they were too political. especially I and II

You asked which was the best “Star Wars”, in our opinion. That would probably be TESB. Kershner’s direction was dark but interesting; teasing the viewer with certain elements while leaving enough cliffhangers and questions to have us anxiously waiting for the next installment. There was a “fleshing” out of each character. We see Luke and Leia’s relationship changing as well as hers and Hans. We get introduced to three new and wonderful characters in Lando,Boba Fett and of course Yoda. The story telling is fast paced and compelling. TESB was a much more cohesive movie than the first and third and still stands up better to the second trilogy with RotS and AotC both coming close for some of the same reasons. I must say, however, that while those that I mentioned were better made movies, my fav will always be STaNH, the first. For introducing me to this whole new wonderful, world of characters and distant planets. George Lucas isn’t exactly a great director but when he dreams, he dreams big.

I don’t get it.

If the cost is $13…
and you have them for $10…
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why the heck is anyone buying these?

Buy ALL of them and the shipping is still $5.

I think you mean SWaNH?

Chewie’s actually cuter than the Ewok!