Super Home Things

I have watched for these towels every day. They are awesome and the same set is 21.99 on Amazon. HOW DID I MISS IT? DID YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SET OF EACH!!! i AM NOT HAPPY WOOT!!

We’ve sold them a couple other times so this was most likely remaining stock that needed good homes.

Finally red towels and I MISSED THEM! AUGHHHHHHH :’(

Hmmmm…do I need 10 pounds of poly-fil? Decisions decisions…

No. You need 30 lbs of poly fil. :tongue:

You didn’t miss anything these towels are terrible. I bought a whole bunch of them 2 months back they don’t absorb anything.

Did you follow the initial washing instructions that were posted in the forum when these towels were originally sold? Don’t use dryer softener sheets with them. They have a tendency to make towels fluffy, but less absorbent.

The Fairfield 10-Pound Poly-Fil Premium Polyester is tempting but I think I can do better.
I’m sure it will be in there when I win my first agBay Ofay apCray.