Super Ironic

OMG! Too funny (and gosh darn cute).

The text kills the shirt for me.

I would think a sloths life would be happier. Such a sad face.

If it said “Ironic sloth is ironic”, then I’d be more interested.

Great slouch

I agree With bigk251 about the text. If it was just titled “Ironic Sloth” , and didn’t have the text on the shirt itself, I would be interested.
It’s along the lines of explaining a joke while you’re telling it, not giving anyone time to ‘get’ the joke on their own.

These shirts are stupid…what adult would ever wear something like this???

The text is slightly less annoying than having to explain a shirt to someone that doesn’t get it without the text.

I’m guessing at least all the ones who voted for it. Did you vote?

This shirt would be the best shirt if it didn’t have that text. Very cute though… bummer.