Super-Mega-Maximal Ultrabooks

What exactly is factory reconditioned entail? Any different than refurb?

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

Super-Mega-Maximal - except that they all pretty much suck. Badly.

Lets see here, only the HP Envy have dedicated graphics. More than half the rest are Intel 3000 - not the “it might be ok, maybe, at 10 FPS or so…” Intel 4000. No no no, Intel 3000. Super mega what now? The rest are Intel 4000 - good luck, have fun with that 10 FPS.

Ok, back to those HP Envy that might maybe possibly come close to fitting the bill of Ultrabook, even if not mega-maxi-whatever. 1366 x 768 TN screens, sad little 1.8 I5’s, 4 gigs ram (you’ll have to upgrade to 8 gigs), crawling 5400 rpm HD’s, and 4 (FOUR! are you kidding me?!) cell batteries. So good luck with your 30 minutes use time. That’s not intensive use, no no. If you say might actually want to use those graphics for something? Less. Super ultra mega nothing. The best of this lot is badly sub-par.

annnnddddd I missed the only FullHD Zenbooks again… guess I’ll be waiting again for the next round :frowning:

NEW Acer-Aspire-V5-572P-6858 I5, 15.6 inch, touchscreen, 1920x1080, 4GB RAM (but expanadable)

Not to be off subject but is that a baby bottle nipple in the upper left corner of the picture in the screen of the sample laptop? Cause I’ve never seen a big sun and a lil sun before?

Unless, of course, you don’t do heavy gaming on a laptop like, oh, 90% of the people that use laptops. These are perfectly acceptable for web surfing, watching youtube and netflix, typing documents, etc like most people use their laptops for.

On the other hand if all you were doing is web surfing - why would you buy a super mega-maxi-bs laptop? I don’t think the previous post was saying there is anything wrong with these laptops for that purpose - they were pointing out the flaw in the description of their performance. But 90% of the population who doesn’t know a proper laptop from a hole in the ground would prolly agree with you on your assessment of their statements…

Asus vs Acer.

I fix computers and laptops for a living. I have shelves of dead/unfixable Acer’s, HPs, Sony and other “major” brands that I will never personally own or recommend to any person. Acer is one of the worst.

I work on lots laptops and computers as a hobby, but I have not noticed that trend. None of the major critical components are made by the laptop manufacturer- they are outsourced, even ASUS doesn’t make all the motherboards in all their computers. These companies simply design the shells and assemble the components. Maybe some companies have poorer assembly standards, but I have seen issues with every brand. I have owned HP, Acer, Asus, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba products in the past- and I don’t have an overall brand loyalty. They all have their successes and failures at times, but it’s more model related than it is brand related.

Gaming laptop =/= Ultrabook. I don’t know what you’ve read or not read, but the whole appeal of an ultrabook is the convergence of capable processing performance with sleek form-factor and low power usage (due to intelligently-stepped Haswell 22nm Core i3/5/7 processors). These things are slightly larger/heavier than tablets, but are fully functional for everything short of (and sometimes inclusive of, if you’re not looking for modern benchmarks) gaming.

Even the Zenbook Primes (the Asus “FullHD” models, with 1920x1080 IPS panels) get 6+ hours on an average charge, because all of their components are specifically picked for low TDP and high efficiency (albeit at the expense of not being replaceable.)

Sorry to disappoint you - I’m sure there will be gaming laptops available really soon!

Does anyone know (or have an educated guess) if this refurbished model be eligible for the Windows 8 upgrade this Friday?

You ask that question as if anyone would volunteer to actually use Windows 8 on a laptop that wasn’t forced into it at gun point?

Valid point, TheCK. I’m not a huge PC user…mostly Mac but I have a need for a PC at home (specific software for my biz) and my desktop is about dead. Haven’t shopped for a while so perhaps I shall keep my eyes peeled for a W7 machine. I wasn’t aware of all the controversy with W8. Thanks!

Yeah I can tell you as of this coming Friday Dell will no longer be selling machines with Windows 7 and your only option will be Windows 8. You’ll prolly still see some woot refurbs with 7 but I’d avoid windows 8 like a rabid dog with obsessive compulsive cuddling disorder!

Windows 8 isn’t that bad. If you are not a user of mediacenter (separate install)- you can make windows 8 pretty much operate the same way that windows 7 does and bypass the metrosexual tile screen all together. see this:
You are better off getting a windows 8 machine and making the changes (3rd party apps/tweaks to make it like windows 7) cost-wise. Some of the new hardware doesn’t have windows 7 drivers to support it (not that you can’t get around it)- but the ends really don’t justify the means. If you get a touchscreen- you might even find yourself liking the windows 8 interface. So don’t let people scare you away from windows 8, because you can make it work pretty much the same as windows 7.

the only one feature missing is backlit keyboard…

O.K. Thanks for the info. What do you suggest for us just doing the usual thing on them.

I bought the Zenbook Prime 13.3" full HD ultrabook. It’s perfect for what I need. My only question- why hasn’t it shipped yet? Turtles at work? :frowning: