Super Mega Tech Sale!

regarding the pentax k-01…
I love this camera…
I got it about a month ago from woot, and have been having fun with it ever since. Every time i take it out i find a new bad azz feature, not to mention its compatability with other lenses, may of witch you can get pretty cheap. the one down side is that it does not have an optical viewer, only the digial lcd. this may be a problem for some, but the screen is bright and cristal clear.

I’ve been kicking myself daily for not getting one of those white Vivitek’s the last time they were offered and the one day I don’t check first thing in the morning… The next time you’re kicking around the warehouse and find one laying around, give me a heads up.

Hopefully people notice that the lime green kindle sleeve is for a kindle keyboard even though it shows a photo of it holding a kindle fire… I mean, maybe it will fit! Maybe…

FYI a new better gen of Tivo is either just out or just about to be out

Truth, but this is an INCREADIBLE deal. A stream itself new is $130. for $20 extra you can get a 4 tuner TiVo.

The new TiVo Roamios announced/available yesterday start at $200 for a 4 tuner, WITHOUT stream builtin. The next level is 6 tuner, stream built in, for $400.

The only feature missing from the Premiere 4 + Stream and Roamio+Stream or Roamio Plus is the Roamios have a button on the front to find your remote.

Will the new Tivos have the ability to get OTA signals?

/ Why alienate people who don’t want cable Tivo?

Only the $200 TiVo Roamio has an OTA tuner built-in.

Those Xtreme Cables Lightning to USB cables don’t look like they are MFi certified. That means it may not work with your device, and starting with iOS 7 will give you an error whenever you try to charge your device.

Does anyone know if they are MFi certified?

Why get a Tivo when you can get an HDHomerun for about the same price and not have to pay for a silly subscription fee?
If you have Win7 it has media center for free and works just as well.

There is (was??) a pomo code floating around that got you a stream for free with a purchase of the Roamio. That is a far better deal.

Let’s see…
There is no cable card so you cannot use your cable provider’s TV unless you do the unencrypted channels or an antenna. Those are the lower local channels. I think there are a few non-local ones?
It also does not hook up to your TV. Most people do not want a media server type setup. Most want plug and go. The HDHomerun hooks up to your computer so you can watch TV from any computer. If you want to watch it on a TV, you have to have something hooked up to your TV that will stream what is on the computer. In my case, My Tivo stream recorded video from my computer using the free desktop software. If you don’t have a TiVo, you would need another computer. There might be other devices that will take the place of a computer, but I don’t know of them. Personally, If you want to do free TV, you’re better off with an internet streaming device. That’s just my opinion, others may have a different one.
Next, The TiVo connects to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant video, YouTube, AOL video and a few others I cannot think of off the top of my head. They also have games on the TiVo, but I don’t bother with those.
Next it’s not as complicated to set up. If you want simple and free, you go with an internet streaming device that streams Netflix, Hulu, etc. Or maybe Slinbox. If you want to be able to record video, do internet streaming, and stream video from your computer without a complex setup, stream video from other Tivo’s elsewhere in the house, then TiVo is the way to go. I’m sure some other people will weigh in with other options, and most will be good choices.

Also, you can control what your Tivo records from anywhere using your mobile device. I can set up new season passes, delete season passes, set up new recordings, etc. The HDhomerun does not do that as far as I can tell. I also don’t think you can set up season passes that will record your show on any channel at anytime. You can change that setting to just a certain time, certain channel or just new episodes. That’s part of what you pay for.
Finally, the TiVo stream is a nice little device that will allow you to watch recorded TV on your device from anywhere and even allow you to download the recording to your device. I cannot tell if HDHomerun allows you to download to apple or android device. I know it allows you to stream live TV and I think recordings, but it does not allow you to download them to your device. Just stream.
As far as the price of the service. It is true that they charge a monthly fee but they do have a lifetime subscription. By lifetime, they mean the life of the device. If you sell the box, the lifetime subscription goes with it. Is lifetime service expensive? Yes it is, but for those that rent cable DVR’s from their TV providers, you make your money back in a few years and you own it. My mom has a Tivo that is 10 years old and still going strong. Mostly, it’s the hard drives that fail on these things and you can buy pre-programmed hard drives so replacing them is not difficult.
Hope this answers your question.

And the woot censor strikes again… facepalm

yep. they come out with some gems somtimes. This one I don’t understand, but I didn’t bother changing it. It was supposed to say, most people D O N O T W A N T a complicated setup.

Does the can cooler actually work or is it an infomercial gimmick?

But you only can use the stream with the $200 entry Roamio which is also only a 4 tuner and is still $50 more expensive than this. Entry Roamio is just a re-packaged Premier 4 w/ the remote finder

It also has built in WiFi which this one doesn’t. This one you have to buy a seperate wireless N adapter. Those are about $50-$80 new depending on where you get them. I already have one for the Tivo I currently have, so it will not be an added cost. New TiVo owners, who are looking to use wiFi instead of hard wire, will have to fork out the extra cash for WiFi capabilities.

This Tivo requires a seperate antenna but you can use OTA. The latest model has built in tuner for OTA signal.

You can use the stream with this model Tivo, and the one before it.

Wired’s review of the Tivo Stream. It gives you an idea of what the set up is like and how it works.