Super Mega Tech Sale!

I have an older generation TIVO (no streaming) with a lifetime subscription. Does anyone know if I have the option of decommissioning my older unit and transferring my lifetime subscription over to this new unit, rather than adding a new subscription for the new unit? Is this just a call to TIVO?

Nope, it cannot be transferred.

That being said, I’ll only give up my tivos when they pry them out of my cold dead hands!

Just the fact that you can choose what channels you want to receive is worth every penny. No more spanish channels or crazy PPV pron stuff my kids can see in the guide!

They won’t transfer but they will give you a discount ($100 off I think) if you purchase another lifetime subscription.

The QFX headphones are cheaper at Amazon. (and if you don’t buy from the amazon dealer you can get them for 25$ shipped)

What is the point of the TrendNET gaming adapter? I don’t really get it. How do you use it and what do you use it for?

I have received a number of emails from TiVo about upgrading my Series 2 DVR. A few they offered to transfer my lifetime service as well. Don’t have the spare money to do it but if you are interested I would call them and see if they will make you a sweet deal. The more older TiVos that are out there, I would imagine it costs them more to support them. By upgrading I would guess it makes it more costs effective for them.

It never hurts to ask is how I would approach it. They just released the roamio series, so could be they are ready to deal!

Please post your results if you do call.



You get a quality post for that.

Anyone know if the Magellan GPS for iPhone will take the 30-pin to Lightning connector? I’m thinking about getting it. Thanks.

Basically it’s turns your WIFI signal to a wired one. You don’t have to use it for gaming but there are other set top devices that don’t have built-in WIFI. This addresses that.