Super Powers Y'all

So last night I was making some coffee when I accidentally grabbed the Omega serum instead of the milk. WHOOPS! So long story short I now have the ability to turn my hair different colors (omega my bum). This lead me to think, hey this power is lame. Then I finished my coffee.
What is the lamest super power you can think of and the best super power you can think of? (other than craptastic forum posting)

Lamest : The porcupine guy from x3
Best: the ability to shrink and expand things at will

Lamest: ability to edit other people’s posts and signatures on woot
Best: whatever powers superman has. those don’t suck.

hah, excellent lame ability. Superman bores me though. He’s got everything. There’s no mystery.

can’t wait to see Schrobblehead’s signature edited by a mod he’s ticked off

So tempting.

lamest: anything underdog can do

bestest: a vajayjay and tatas, nuff said!

Is that some sort of Indian food?

snortz :slight_smile:

i think tapas are those spanish things…

so maybe indian-spanish fusion?

Too bad we already had a thread discussing this topic buried in the woot abyss.

and your point is what? what about the last post threads? need i go on?

My point is…

Typically when the community finished one topic forum, as in filled up 100 pages and was locked by a mod, another one was opened.

The same was to be true for the “Last Post” forum. However, two individuals could have created separate “Last Post” forums at the same time thinking theirs would be the unique forum. Or sometimes individuals didn’t check to see if a forum already existed and created another one out of laziness or haphazardness.

I guess it just comes down to poor form/poor forum etiquette. Larger sites i.e. & have a low to zero tolerance for such activity. I believe the forums on those sites are more successful (not that woot forums aren’t successful) because of tighter modmanship. Repetition of topic (not to mention contests topics :wink:) can be an annoyance.

(Side note/example: I can’t understand why people pay to watch the same movie in the movie theatre that they’ve already seen. They know the characters…the surprises…the outcome, why bother? Choose another film. Enrich thyself with bounty.)

SisterC, you know - you’d be more appealing to others to chat with if you weren’t so biotchy. If you feel the need to go on, go on… I am certainly not afraid to banter with you.

could be you enjoy trying to scare off newbies too… no kt i have no interest in having casual conversation with you and those that i do speak to here i do so off list! i don’t live on forum boards as you do. when bro d was alive we spent a lot of time here for fun. i have a real life and real friends and a real family! i just like the word games…i do think you tend to try to get a bit controlling with people when they post. the proof is above! so it’s ok when your closest (cyber) friends make dual topics but heaven help those newbies that do. not too long ago a few threads (a google pic like one and one similar to the banana boat game) were blasted by regulars here. but then again i recall how you all feel a need to hijack all the threads too! i don’t care if you think i am a ■■■■■ or not! i don’t think much of you either!

2 threads about what people are eating. who do you like more kt? no post to tell one of them there already was a thread? curious…

Please ignore the old wooters!

They get cranky.

As long as the same exact thread isn’t sitting on the top of the 1st page of threads, there is no reason to think the subject has been used before.

Yes, I know there are more than one version of threads on the 1st page, but that is mostly jokes between friends.

Yeah, I get cranky when somebody calls me cranky. Stop it.

just a note - some of us (me) are new to forum posting and might (and do) make mistakes or not exactly follow the proper etiquette. Doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing it on purpose, just learning.

Now - back on topic:

Lamest - the ability to shrink yourself

Coolest - stretching. I know others think this is lame, but I personally think it would be fun!!


or someone calls you old? //ducks :slight_smile: