Super Sale on Surya Rugs!

How thick (tall) are these rugs? Anyone have any experience with these or other recommendations for good area rugs at a good price?

They shed giant fuzz balls that you have to keep up with constantly. Had I known that, I never would have purchased it one of the last times Woot offered these.

The pile height is being added as I type this.

What does this set of dimensions mean: 2X3’12 ?

Is that 2 feet by 4 feet?

(That’s how I was interpreting 2X3’8 and 2X3’10 == 2 feet by 3.67 feet, and 2 feet by 3.83 feet. But maybe this is also incorrect!)

Whoopsie. It’s supposed to be 2’ 3” x 12’

I ordered the denim and jute rug on the 4th, no tracking info yet. Have these shipped yet?

Sorry for the late reply and to hear that you haven’t received your order yet.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let the know. They should be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.