Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I need to replace my copy of this game, but the price here is somewhat higher than other places which have it for similar condition.


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I did a [very] quick google and didn’t see cheaper.

It’s the same situation as last time they had a big dump of “refurbished” games here. They’re all marked at least 10% higher than the used prices at the obvious places like eBay (some a LOT more than 10%). Plus on a place like eBay, there’s at least a chance you’ll get to see a picture of the condition of the actual individual exact disk you’re paying for. But hey, if they didn’t sell any last time, I wouldn’t think they’d do it again! So some people out there prefer the one-stop-shop-at-Woot convenience I suppose. Used prices and if they’re worth it to people is definitely a subjective thing, but then there are definitely objectively better used video game prices out there that’s for sure. Shrug.