Super Special Birthday Survival Kit

What the heck is that?!

my thoughts, exactly

Oh come on…

Hey, weren’t these on kids.woot awhile ago?

Yes, I think so…tough group of folks commenting on them, too!


chopsticks for babies…

say what now? Where the heck do they find this stuff. Oriental trading company?



20 McDoubles or this… will take the cholesteral please

I think the purpose of this 2-day Woot! Off is to let us know that Woot! will now suck more than it ever has before. Seppuku time.

Didn’t someone say they missed the wacky, cheap stuff Woot used to have? (Some how I doubt this is what they had in mind, ha!)

Calling something Super Special doesn’t actually make it so.

And I was just thinking I needed to find a 15 dollar metal bubble wand…GET OUT OF MY HEAD, WOOT!!!

Oh well! this was fun, at least I got my Bag of crap :D, bye bye woot off!


That’s…something. Good luck with selling it…err…I mean…buy 3…You’ll love it!

Will this work with my Mac?

has anyone else noticed that the woot lights stopped flashing?

Heh woot, do you have any of those irobot rainspout cleaners coming up? Closing on a house on 8/30

Why is this a super special birthday kit? It comes with a spoon for roasting your coke! :slight_smile:

I don’t know but…

So buy 3!!