Super Tablet Fun Time Hooray

Says the Asus Transformers have a 90 Day Asus Warranty

This might be a decent find???

The warranty support seems to always be the problem with refurbished computers on Woot.

I bought same thing last year off woot and it did not work for long.

Does the Gpad have all the sensors, like the Nexiii do (gyro, accelerometer, compass, gps receiver, etc.)?

Avoid the Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets. They’re really poorly made and have serious quality control issues.

The Microsoft store has been selling refurb surface pro 3 on ebay for $90 more. A refurb directly through MS is just as good as new and with the latest technology.

I’m wary, the Specs tab shows the Yoga S1 has a 14" screen (it’s 12.5") and also states it has a fingerprint reader (which, from what I can tell, is not available on any version of the Yoga S1). What else might be incorrect?

Sorry for the discrepancies. I notified the team, things should be updated now.

I’ve found that if the battery dies, it can take up to 20 minutes for the tablet to respond to the power switch and finally turn on. It is picky about having it’s charger used, and no others.

from amazon review:
I had to return this tablet. Although being sold as unlocked the one I got apparently was LOCKED which I found out after spending quite a long time chatting with T-Mobile customer care and tech support, trying to understand why it didn’t connect to t-mob network. AT&T support later confirmed that the device is locked and moreover it’s still under someone’s contract. So please beware!
Also my device came in very simple package with no manuals (only charger was included) and did not have the original factory protector film on it. I guess it should have alarmed me… Btw, I bought it from seller ProMobile , maybe other sellers care more about the quality of products they sell here.
From my not so long hands-on experience the device seemed pretty nice and smooth in work, though I had no possibility to test it with some heavy apps and games, which I don’t believe it would handle well anyway (I knew what I paid for). It had a huge pile of preinstalled bloatware from AT&T and LG so anybody who prefers pure Android experience may consider to get rid of the bloatware by disabling it or by rooting the device.
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