Superbowl Prediction Thread

This is totally pointless and will get you nothing but bragging rights, but let’s hear your predictions for score and winner of this year’s big game.

My current prediction is:

Colts 42 Saints 31

My prediction:

One team scores more points than the other and wins.


colts 34 saints 27

Saints 24, Colts 23

Colts 28, Saints 24

Saints 21
Colts 17

Saints 1
Colts 2

Vikings 37
Jets 17

CBS $200M
Suckers (err… viewers) 0

Colts = win
Saints = who cares

I predict you leave the party wondering why you bothered.


Saints 24
Colts 35

In a bizarre attempt for a publicity stunt, the NFL decides to have the Colts and the Saints face off in a “European football” game. Since the scoring system of soccer is in increments of 1, the score will be possible. I would expect to get laid way more than 1,000,000 to 1 odds on this though.

I don’t expect either defense to do much, and really figure whoever scores last will be scoring the game-winning touchdown, like 6 years ago when the Patriots played the Panthers.

I predict the game will be decided in 60 minutes and not go into overtime!

Saints > Colts

Talking babies > Talking animals

At least one stupid xtreme sports beverage ad

And a halftime concert nobody will watch.

I predict that we’ll meet Timothy Richman, a daring adventurer who suffers crippling anxiety when purchasing cars.

Jeff Bridges and Brett Favrerere will encourage us to all go out and buy Korean vehicles.

Giant horses wearing bellbottoms will make another comeback…by “popular demand.” (ahemmarketingstuntahem)

At least two companies will not-so-subtly tout their commitment to Haiti.

I will eat copious amounts of Mama’s gumbo and Hoppin’ John. (No1, you’re invited!) I will also drink several imported beers. A push-up challenge may ensue.

Somewhere amid all that, some dudes might play football.

And I am not sure it’s an educated prediction, but I’ll sum up my optimistic outlook this way:

Laissez les bon temps roulez, boys!

I’ll be unaware of the game going on… I didn’t realize someone pointed out to me that’s the reason TVs are on sale this week.

I’ll probably be playing Mass Effect 2 on 360 or Demon’s Souls on PS3.

There probably will be beer consumed, but that’s pretty common and has NOTHING to do with football.

Isn’t that curly headed guy from the head & Shoulders commercial on the Saints? I thought I think saw him (or at least his hair) on a Madden cover or something… Hopefully they’ll win.

(I hate football…)


Way to go, Saints!