SuperEye S2500 Pro Metal Detector Black & Green

Am I reading this wrong? It appears that the mothership has this same exact metal detector for $104 versus $149. Yikes Woot!

Yeah I said this above then deleted because while I was writing it was $104
when I was finished and looked again it was $104 ONE LEFT.

And now it’s up to $269, which is about $80 ABOVE the suggested list price of $189. Boy, this sure is a wild ride-- I’m getting dizzy.

But there are only 14 left in stock at this time, so better hurry!

Gotta love the “Dynamic Pricing” these retailers have been employing these days. Sometimes if you clear your cookies and search for a product, you end up with better prices. This is especially true with airfares. I’m not a huge fan of regulation, but in the area of bots tracking you and deciding which price to charge, I think more is needed.

Blech… I think I got some of that on me.

Seriously, you’re much better off with a name-brand detector. Entry units from Garrett and Fisher are priced similarly on the used market and are much better. For not much more, you’re in Minelab Xterra territory. Yes, you can find metal with any of these, but the depth and ID will probably make you wish you’d saved up for another month.