SuperFat Nut Butters, 6 Pack

SuperFat Nut Butters, 6 Pack

Someone check me on this… these are six ounce packets of nut butter that you’re apparently intended to just slurp out of the pack?

And they’re 10$ each at the discounted price? I didn’t see ‘cocaine’ in the ingredients…


Woot is beginning to mean “This deal is so bad we should be embarrassed.”


Well, the Woot deal is $1.48/oz vs the Amazon price of close to $2.50/oz for this. Compared to the Amazon price it’s a decent deal.

Pouches are the new jar, less waste.

I think you are getting 36 total. 6 packs of the 3 each, so 18 of each flavor. Cause on the vendor’s site, you can get a six pack of the 6.2 oz, and it is listed as 6 servings, for $13.

Read the page again. You are getting a total of 6. Take them at their word. Interpret it at your own risk.

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According to the nutrition facts label in the picture, each pouch is 6 servings. I’m pretty sure thats what they mean.

Can’t imagine nut butters are in high demand right now. This quarantine means a whole lot of inactivity, which means a whole lot less chafing happening…but I guess you could always stock up for the future.


Instead of just offering an opinion I spent 30 seconds and went to the SuperFat web site. This size is 6 servings per bag. On the SuperFat web site each bag, this size, sells for 12.99. You are getting 6 of these so if you purchase them from the web site it would be $77.94 plus shipping.

The single-serving size (which most of you are talking about) is 1.5 oz. and they sell 6 of those for 13.99 on the SuperFat web site.

In short, this is actually a good deal. You’re saving around $20.00 off the web site plus whatever they charge for shipping. SuperFat is a good product and I’ve heard good things about their nut butters. I don’t buy them because I make my own for FAR less, but if you want to high-fat nut butters to your keto/low carb high-fat diet, these are a good choice for a decent price.

I have been trying to do keto since February and so I have been looking for keto friendly foods that I do not have to prepare myself from scratch, and one thing that most of them have in common is that they are expensive as @#*%.

I buy bread that is usually around $13 a loaf, and they are small loafs. I buy peanut butter that is $18 for a 16oz jar. If I buy 2 they are only $33

So this does not surprise me at all. I am tempted to try it, but I feel that it is not going to do much more for me than the MDT oil supplements and fat bombs I already take. This is great with unsweetened vanilla almond milk…it at least makes me feel like I am eating more than a bite and getting more for my money.

Keto doesn’t have to be expensive. My husband and I both eat low carb and the most expense is meat. We cook everything, very little is processed. But yes, the processed foods sold directly to the keto community is outrageous. I agree.

For peanut butter, the best thing you can do for yourself is get dry roasted peanuts, say 2 cups and put them in a food processor, blend for 5 minutes, let them go from nuts to crumbs to a dry ball to a moist mixture. It will. You can add some salt for flavor. Boom. No chemicals, and you are the one processing.

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