Superhero vs. Star Wars

I found out 5 minutes too late that this is cheaper on Sad face.

It’s a dollar less there, but with shipping 2 dollars more. So not really cheaper. But if you buy more than 5 there you can get 20% off today only it says, so that would make it less. If you plan on ordering more from woot though, saving on shipping, would still be cheaper here.

$4.38 and free shipping on Amazon.

The ice molds are the same price on Amazon, but are eligible for Prime shipping if you are a member. Example:

The bottle openers are generally the samr deal on Woot. Example Mjolnir is almost $15 on Amazon:

I use the Han Solo and Boba Fett molds to make chocolate and they work great. I held off on the R2-D2 because I’ve heard the legs break off easily.

Have to say, while fun, the lightsaber chopsticks are actually really hard to eat with.

But are u very efficient with regular chopsticks to begin with?

Darn it, the Death Star ice mold sold out again!

It’s really hard to eat soup with them.

I hate to be that person, but the Enterprise has nothing to do with Star Wars or superheroes.


I’m going to guess they had 2 silver surfer openers… was shocked to see it sold out before the others, till I looked at the stats. lol

I have the deathstar mold and its fun, would use it all of the time if I was a whiskey drinker.

As someone who is proficient with chopsticks, I can second this. They don’t have enough friction and food just slips right off.