Whos your favorite superhero and why? please be REAL superheroes!

I always liked Spiderman…the cartoon when I was a kid

(and no, this has nothing to do with the discussion on the fly thread! really!)

i bet you trained a spider to assassinate poor Fluboot! You cruel cruel person! i hope you drown in muck! (my favorite super hero is Silver Surfer, it takes a lot to overcome evil and hes got sweet powers)

well, I don’t like flies cuz they make maggots…and I hate maggots…esp when I have to clean them out of a wound

spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can! spins a web, any size…catches thieves, just like flies!

Hiro Nakamura, even though he’s been a bit stupid so far this season.

Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Mighty Mouse


Won’t Colbert be upset with you. Can Tec Jansen bet him?


This is one of those times when I can’t tell if d’name is kidding or not.

true dat

Duct Tape Man!

-just because I got paid for making him up!

my heroes have always been cowboys.

you should move to heber city then

uh… what?

well real in a sense that everyone would know who your talking about; superman,batman,ect.


very well. doctor manhattan.

the Green Hornet
(my dad gave me this one)