Superior 100% Cotton Waffle Terry Robes

Can anyone tell me how big the extra large size is on these robes? I’m a womens size 24 (would be men’s 44) and currently have an XL robe, but want to see how big these robes run. I’d like something lighter weight for summer.

There’s measurements in the bottom bullets. You might compare them to the robe you have.

The sizes have not as much variation as one might think (except the “X Large”):
Small Unisex Robe Measures: 50" Long by 52" Wide, with a 71" Belt
Medium Unisex Robe Measures: 51" Long by 53" Wide, with a 71" Belt
Large Unisex Robe Measures: 52" Long by 55" Wide, with a 72" Belt
X Large Unisex Robe Measures: 55" Long by 63" Wide, with a 72" Belt

I’m more worried about arm diameter…

“63 inches wide” is not a standard way of expressing measurements. Do they mean it has a 63" chest?