Superior 600 GSM Combed Cotton 8-PC Hand Towel Set

I am so pleased with these hand towels. Great quality!!

I’m in for a set. I’m ready to retire a set of old towels to cleaning duty and need some new ones.

These arrived today.

I would describe them as good, medium quality hand towels.

They are very soft. I would not describe these as either thick nor too thin. They are very acceptable for the great Woot price, and good for everyday use. If you are having guests over and want to impress them with your thick, luxurious towels, these are not the ones.

I think this link is correct:

Just for fun I calculated the actual gsm.

I have only an analog postal scale with limited accuracy when weighing the towel. I weighed one towel at 6.5 ounces and two towels at 13 ounces.

16" X 30" = 480 sq inches = 0.30967 sq meters

6.5 ounce weight per towel = 184.27 grams.

184.27 / 0.30967 = 595 gsm

Pretty good results!

After a single washing and drying¹, these 16" X 30" towels are now 15" X 28". They also plumped up nicely.

¹I didn’t dry them on low heat as mentioned in the description and instructions. I baked them in the dryer pretty thoroughly.