Superior All Season Down Alt Comforter

Is Woot really that SLEAZY that allow a product filled with polyester to be marketed as “Down Alternative”. How about “Faux Down” or “Erzatz Down”.

Amazon has destroyed Woot!

Naugadown? Plown? Futuredown? Maybe Technadown or eDown/iDown? No matter what you call it, it’s still polyester, same as it was thirty years ago, and it still is no comparison to real down.

You must not shop for bedding often as polyester filling in comforters has been called “down alternative” on virtually every site and in every store that sells comforters for a few decades. The expression started with the sale of ski jackets and other winter coats that used to be filled only with goose down, once polyester began to be used as a less expensive but warm fill. That was as far back as the 1970’s or so.

There is nothing sleazy about it. It was considered an ecological choice - not to kill and pluck geese to make winter wear - plus it is far more economical.

Your complaint is like someone saying that it’s sleazy to call a fuzzy polyester jacket “fake fur”.

Oh, I see. Maybe you were kidding…

Has anyone purchased the ivory before? Is it off white (closer to white) or more beige (darker).

I find the pictures can misrepresent the true color of items, would you say the picture is accurate in this case?

I just got mine yesterday. It is a true cream color - think eggnog. :blush:

Got mine yesterday and very happy with it. As long as it holds up well to washings I will remain pleased.