Superior Cotton Towel Set (6-Piece)

I have a set of these in white and am fairly pleased with them, enough so that I have given them twice as wedding gifts. (I purchased them last year directly from the mothership. This is one of the better price offerings.)

They are very heavy & decently thick–thick enough
to have to dry them on the highest, longest heat setting in my dryer.

My only complaint I have is minor & mostly user error. I snag a particular pendant on my necklace every single time I use them. It’s a challenge to disengage without pulling threads while managing a heavy towel hanging from my necklace.

When you receive the towels, use about half the recommended amount of detergent you’d normally use (or no detergent at all), and add 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash water. It will help to set the color.

Avoid using dryer softener sheets. Yes, it will make your towels extra fluffy, but will leave behind just enough softener residue to make the towels MUCH less absorbent.

These are actually CHEAPER on Amazon right now. $43 - $1.30 coupon.

I found this exact item on Amazon for $51.29, not the $43 price.