Superior Down Alt Pillows - Your Choice

They sold these March 13, 2017, but no comments then. I’ll make the comment here to record the prices/types. Solid style $38.99 Standard, $45.99 King. For striped: $50.99 Standard, $55.99 King.
No Prices at Amazon, but lot of reviews and 4 stars:

Thanks Whatsamatt. I needed some guidance. In for 2 King.

Please let me know how they are/ hold up. I would like to get the next sale.


There is no such thing as “Down Alternative”. There is Down. And there is Not Down. These are Not Down.

Thanks for the helpful post. The reason that some buy these is because they are allergic to down and require a substitute to down hence a down alternative.

Is anyone else having the problem of an unresponsive “Add to Cart” button? I need those pillows!!!