SuperSonic 5.5" Unlocked GSM Dual SIM Smartphone

Apparently bogus 5 star reviews on the mothership. 1 star reviews don’t cover the item.

I bought these last time. I made a video to show people how they worked.

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I bought these last time. I made a video to show people how they worked.


this is a super bargain imho… i’m not saying they will last forever with super duper build quality and what not but for 29.99 this time i’m in for 3 again haha

The specs state that this has only a 4GB internal SD card. This is far more limiting than it sounds - a lot of data and app related files have to be on the internal SD rather than an external one, and 4GB will run out very quickly (especially since Android + preinstalled apps usually take up a gig or two already)

Are these able to be used without a sim card in them? Just as a sort of dumber wifi only device? I’m not talking about making calls or anything… just all non-phone functionality?

It may sound like a dumb question, but I had an older android phone that was basically locked unless it had a SIM card inserted in it.

Not enough reviews or info to make an informed decision. I had the urge to purchase it just because it’s a $29 dollar phone as a backup. But amazon reviews are either all one star or 5 star… No one seems to have reviewed the actual phone.

I would also like to know the answer to this. Anyone know??

comments from previous offer

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Sorry for delayed response, we were awaiting Woot Staff reply.

According to Woot Staff, today’s offer (Super Sonice 5.5" Unlocked Smartphone) CAN be used w/o a SIM card.

However it is recommended that you download/use an app (i.e. WiCall) to make the WiFi based phone calls or text messaging.

I hope this helps! Thanks for the inquiry!

Any chance on a relist at this price?
Would like to pick up one or two for grandparents.

It may return. Keep checking back.

Just got it in the mail and have been playing with it. It’s surprisingly responsive given the mediocre specs, but the lack of room on the internal SD card is indeed an issue… don’t expect to be able to install too many apps or many very large ones.