Supersonic Magic Induction Speakers

So… what does this do?

I have a slightly different one, but if it’s what I’m thinking it is:

It plays music from a device such as a smart phone. For one, you can use an AUX cable like you could with most speakers (connects your device via the “headphone” jack).

Or, with these, you can lay your phone on top of the device with the device turned on, and have it “amplify” the music coming from your phone’s speakers, without any cables or Bluetooth required. (I would guess it uses the sound’s vibrations or something and amplifies those.)

I have a similar device, that I think Woot sold in a recent Plus sale as a carty favor, which does the same thing. It just has two visible speakers on either side.

Example, using a device similar to the one I had:

It works surprisingly well.

the $80 list price is laughable. these sell for $20 all day every day shipping prime on amazon.

While not powerful they are good speakers while traveling. For $15 its great. I use something kind of like it and on a wood surface or even glass, sound is loud enough for a hotel room.

How is this item different than the ‘Sunpak Magic Sound Box Wireless Portable Speaker’ that was offered for $2.99 during last week’s Woot-Off?

It is longer a woot-off.

Possibly it is a different manufacturer too.

Possibly may work the same, result may vary.

Got one from the woot-off. biggest difference is for an extra $7 you get a rechargeable battery. Also this model has a 3.5mm aux input jack. The cheaper one comes with a usb cable with an attached male aux plug, and has the exposed speakers. It uses 3 AA batteries (or usb power) and claims an output of 2W x 2 RMS.

They are both Magic.

The sound is not exactly high fidelity, but it does its job okay. It gets loud enough to hear across the room or in a moving car without having to max the volume on the phone, hence less distortion.

I bought one, we’ll see.

I have several similar types of “speakers” that I use with old iphones linked via bluetooth to sync up and blast my halloween props’ sound effects and music. Saves on cables around the yard and works quite well.