SuperSonic SC-504 RED Portable MP3 & Cd…

SuperSonic SC-504 RED Portable MP3 & Cd…
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Is this a pillow or an actual boom box?

The pillow would be more useful

Just checked and walmart price is $43.00

who uses these?

i might be interested in checking this out if there more details were provided; i have struck out with several of these small boomboxes over the past couple of years because they have terrible sound quality and die quickly. for this one, you can barely even tell what options it offers in the photo, and the description and specs aren’t very helpful. <=|

People who have Jitterbug phones.

Hey, it has dynamic high-performance speakers!

i have been looking for one because the stereo at my home is in my bedroom and i want something with decent sound quality and multiple input/output options to use in my kitchen. if someone wants to give me a bose, i’ll take it; otherwise, i’m looking at boomboxes instead of trying to connect speakers to a device.

If it had a digital tuner, I’d be in for one. But I want a tuner that won’t drift over time.

oh man i have been a loyal woot stalker since they were only a few months old and I just scored my second Bunch of Children in history!! I can not wait to see what sort of childishness ensues

Hahahaha. I love you.

Was that right before the luggage?

yes it was