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What? No deflated souvenir footballs?

Hunten Outdoors 3S Series GSC35-50IR 5MP Trail Camera - Camouflage
on the feature page or tab it say’s requires 1 C battery,
but when you click on the spec tab… it says requires 4 C batteries…wish I knew…I know I can search and will find out but that needs to be fixed. Thanks if anybody knows please post for others I will if I get time.thanks

ok just found out it takes 4 C-cell batteries, but the reviews on it are very good…

How does one determine where one of these things is aimed, as in how do you frame the image?

Thanks for calling that out. I sent off an email to get that fixed.

Yukon Tactical MGK120305-18 Oasis 2.0 Hydration Pack

I just want to let folks know that this is NOT the same unit that is shown on Amazon for $19.99. This model (MGK120305-18 vs MGK120305-17) is exactly as pictured here on woot. VERY NICE!

It has a top flap with a zippered pocket, and a main compartment with divider & hanger for the bladder.

And to give you an idea of storage capacity, I was able to stuff a beach towel into the main compartment and an XL t-shirt into the zippered pocket.

I just received this, and am very happy with the purchase.

THANK YOU for sharing your experience and ‘in hand’ observations! We’re glad that you like the product!

Is the extra “p” for support?

[MOD NOTE: Edited. Thanks for the sppott…whoops…]