Supra Clear Armor Kit Glass Protectant

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Supra Clear Armor Kit Glass Protectant
Price: $47.99
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Time to check out the product page

Two steps too many and costs $40 too much for me. I think I’ll stick with my time-tested Rain-X.

Does anybody know how much surface area this kit covers? Is it enough to treat two windshields…etc?

Uh yeah. Rain-x for me. Did he say apply once weekly?! Rain-x will stop bullets if applied weekly! I’ll let it go for three months…

The price seems bit high …

I watched video #2 hoping to see how it made the glass “stronger” and how it repels “rocks and road debris”. Unfortunately no rocks or hunks of steel were hurled at the treated glass. Bummer.

I frankly don’t see how this product could be “legal” if it actually strengthened the glass. Windshields are required to have a precise failure threshold per DOT specifications in order to be approved for roadway use. Altering the glass in any way would likely void its DOT certification.

So basically this stuff is marketing BS and at best glorified Rain-X.

HD Glass?
What resolution? Is my windshield going to be 720p or 1080i?
I’ll reconsider if they make a 4K version.

Any comparisons to Rain-X, Aquapel, or CarPro offerings?
I’m a professional detailer and use CarPro Flyby30 and CarPro Forte, these are expensive high end coatings, I’d be very interested to see how Supra Armor compares in a similar price range.

i second motion the 4K version… :stuck_out_tongue: hahha

Well, here is an interesting thought. I understand this product’s not so great for actual windshields (hygrophobic coatings tend to cause wiper shudder, according to a Tesla care article I found; not that I have a Tesla, but it seemed well-informed. I’ve gotten juddering after Rain-X usage. Well, my car has, I was fine.)

But how about using it to protect side windows, the kind that fear both rain and wipers? Any thoughts on that?

C’mon, people…how can you compare this Mighty Elixer to Rain-X? This fantastic formula, after all, has a retail price of $349.95 - can Rain-X say that? But today, and today only, you can buy this phenomenal fluid for just $47.99. You heard me right: $47.99. That’s whopping 86% off! How can you resist such a deal? For 86% off, you don’t even need it - you just gotta have it!

Heheheh…very good. I visualized an old time ‘barker’ wearing a straw porkpie hat and spinning his walking cane as he spoke… wow, I need some sleep!

I didn’t check to see but are the sales stats high in California? :stuck_out_tongue:

This deal reminds me that I need to put a coat of Rain-X on my windshield, its been raining a lot this week and I forgot I have a bottle that I bought last spring that I’ve used twice on my old car and now need to use it on the new one. (oh and it was under $20)

Stuff repels rain for a good couple months between treatments (and we get a ton of rain).

This stuff makes reality more real. And if you happen to live in a state where marijuana is legal, whoo hoo!!, you will never leave your car.

Totally exhausted just watching the install video. No way.

Not even sold on Amazon, but they are pushing it on Woot. THAT always makes me wary.

Similar pricing available at many other places. Cannot find any product reviews, anywhere. PASS on this one.

Near as I can tell this is a similar to a product called AquaPel. At one time dealers were charging 40 on up to put it on your windshield. It’s available on Amazon and ebay for a lot cheaper. I use to use Rain-X but honestly Aquapel lasts about 6+ months where as Rain X maybe a month. The Aquapel is worth it but for the price of this stuff you can get a dozen Aquapel applications. I did a little write up on Aquapel here if this works