Supreme Court Ruling - How will it affect woot?


As many of you have probably heard, the Supreme Court has ruled that manufacturers will have significantly more power in dictating the lowest price at which their products may be sold at.

Basically, retailers (like woot) will no longer be able to sell products at the rock bottom prices we’ve all come to appreciate unless the manufacturers of said product approve of the price. I’m wondering how this will affect woot. Or does it even apply to woot at all?


I’m pretty sure woot contacts manufactures to get large amounts wholesale like they do. So the manufacture would already be on board with the selling for such low costs… but I could be wrong.
I doubt it will affect woot, and at least in the rock climbing world, the manufactures already have that kind of control.
Do you have any reference of any kind to this ruling?


generally speaking (this is everything-but-woot forum), I believe the ruling is that contracts between a manufacturer and a retailer can be written to enforce MAP (minimum advertised price) and have an expectation of being upheld. of course if you have to sign a contract to obtain merchandise as a retailer, it’s already been in your best interest to comply with their (the manufacturers) wishes (if you want to keep getting supplied). this change adds/confirms teeth to those agreements.